August 11, 2017 – Obstacles

Lately my work and weekend commitments have kept me from being at the lodge. We also received four inches of rain last Monday and the trails are one muddy mess!!
Dave sent me a picture of his newest toy and it’s a sweet looking Yamaha Viking. So now John, Barry and Dave all have these hard working 3 passenger side by sides. Sorry Archie too many daughters in College and University to buy one for the camp this year.
I was able to get some trail cam pics off one of my cameras and there is one good looking buck and several more younger bucks.
The bookings for the upcoming season have been challenging with everyday life throwing obstacles at hunters, more so then I typically get. I will have several cancellation hunts up for grabs. If your interested please call or text me at 780-872-0137.

That’s all for now, Trent DeBusschere.

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