August 1 – Summertime fun at Chaparral

It’s been hot here with lots of rain and thundershowers. Last weekend I started hauling bales up to camp and the first bin of oats come this Saturday. Three more months and my first hunters arrive and for the most part camp is ready. It won’t be long until Barry and Arch return to give a hand with the preseason baiting.
I have a few cameras out in the bush and am seeing many sets of twin fawns, of course this is always a good sign. Healthy doe produce twins and so the herd looks in good shape.
The walleye and pike are biting well this summer and after a couple slower years it’s good to have fried fish again. I watched Jackie’s Pomeranian chase after a bear at the lodge, but no luck as the bear just wandered off without eating the little mut!!
That’s all for now but I will leave you with a few trail camera pics, take care.
Trent DeBusschere.
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