April 8, 2015 – Shed hunting and new locations

This will be the first week in many that I am off to Edmonton instead of heading out into the bush looking for new deer locations and sheds.  My youngest daughter is in a three day Hockey tryout, I guess if I can’t be out in the bush the rink is still up there with things I enjoy.
In my spare time I built around 30 telescoping stands that I hope will work well with the ground blinds I picked up.  Without some support from inside the blind heavy snow fall can crush them!!  These are light weight and hopefully will work, I guess we shall find out.

Also I gathered up many horns and sheds that had been lying around and the ones that were sun bleached I tried to stain to give them new life.  Looks like I got a few sets to dark but they all have character and memories for me and I wanted them to hang in the bunkhouse ( I am trying to keep up with Jackie’s decorating ).   I will attach a few pictures of my tent stands and look forward to my guides input!! Also a few pictures of my twist on a decorating theme for the bunkhouse.

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Your eyes of the North,
Trent DeBusschere