April 5, 2017 – The march of the whitetail

The geese are back and gophers are out, spring is definitely here. Another great winter for our deer herd and that will go a long way in healthy mature bucks this fall.
We had a spring snow storm a couple weeks back that dropped about 3-4″ of the white stuff on the ground. Just Mother Natures way of keeping us all on our toes. I was at the lodge just sitting down for lunch, when I noticed a string of 11 deer casually pass on by. The previous day’s storm must have kept them bedded down and with better conditions it was time for a mid day stroll. I captured a video from the window off my phone and the deer look in good shape.
I decided to put out a few bear baits this spring and am looking for a good one to get a rug made up for the bunkhouse.
Well that’s all for now, Trent DeBusschere.