April 4, 2018 – Sugar coating

It’s been fairly busy around here with hockey play offs and then the Easter Holiday.
I have been a pressure welder all my life in the oilfield and there is no “ sugar coating “ in this field. The quality control standards are very high and if your a poor welder odds are you won’t be welding for very long.
I talk with hunters all the time and I don’t “sugar coat” what to expect at my camp. There will be great food,lodging,friendship and bucks in the 140”- low 170”class. Yes we do shoot some bigger and yes some guys will go home with no buck but this is the expectations I feel comfortable with. There are potential new clients I turn away every year because their expectations are unrealistic on a fair chase hunt. Also there are hunters who compare webpages and remember if the bucks have a white tag on the antler that deer was from 2012 or earlier. Orange tags are used from 2013 to present and this is significant to get a grasp of how the bucks faired during this five year period following the nasty winter of 2012-2013.
Back in January I had two elderly gentlemen call that have saved for years to come to Saskatchewan to kill that 180” plus buck of a lifetime. I explained to him how my camp operates and that he should look elsewhere. About a week later he called me back wanting to come hunt with Chaparral. When I asked why? He simply said “ I felt you told the truth”. I want happy hunters which in turn helps to promote my camp.
Saskatchewan’s deer herd has recovered considerably from the 2012-2013 winter but Mother Nature can always throw us a curve ball and that’s what makes fair chase hunting the best!!
That’s all for now, do your homework and chose wisely in your Outfitter.
Thanks, Trent DeBusschere.