April 28, 2016 – Answers to some common questions

Approximately 30% of this falls clients will be new to Chaparral and like everyone who books a hunt with us I like to talk with everybody a couple times prior to the hunt about any concerns or questions they may have. I just want to take a moment and address some of the most frequently asked questions. Our laws require a minimum red or orange vest and hat to worn at all times when hunting, bring clothing that will keep you comfortable in temperatures that will range from 32 – 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Our deer are quite large bodied but any caliber of rifle from the .270 through to the .300 magnum are all good choices. Hunters will spend the days in blinds over baits and keep in contact with their guide by cell phones ( make sure to check with your service provider before coming up to hunt ). You may experience colder temperatures and we will provide heaters to anyone that wants one. These are just a few of the concerns I hear most often with our new hunters and its best to check out our website at Chaparral Hunting Adventures for a complete breakdown, also give me a call anytime if more clarity is required.
Kyle tells me the bears are hitting the baits and will grab some trail cam pics soon. Barry Milne ( senior guide and poet ) sent me a picture of his new Yamaha side by side, it looks great but I looked at this picture for awhile trying to figure out what was different? Barry has shaved his mustache off and looks ten years younger ( a paid announcement ).
I will leave you with a few pictures of Barry’s new ride and a visitor that showed up to have a sleep on the lodge’s deck.

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Your eyes of the North.
Trent Debusschere.