April 23, 2014 – Kyle’s shed hunting


It’s a rainy spring day here which should help green things up! One thing I like to do every spring is head out for some exercise and look for sheds. Sheds can be found where deer gather to feed or along the trails the deer commute on from bedding to feeding areas. Back home on the family farm deer would yard up at bale and grain storage areas and finding sheds can be accomplished with out a lot of walking. In the heavy forested area of Turtle Lake I like to look for sheds around last years bait sights and the trails leading into the bait areas. Antlers can start dropping as early as late December, the dropping of antlers can occur soon in winter or later depending on the stress the animals are under from winter. So far this spring I have been out very little, but I do have help from a young man who lives for hunting and the outdoors at Turtle Lake. Kyle is a very focused and ambitious hunter, currently he has out his bear stands and has picked up a few sheds along the way. I would like to thank him for helping me out now and then and hopefully we have some bear pics for the blog shortly, good luck Kyle. At Chaparral’s Lodge we keep a bait running during the hunting season so hunters can even view deer when eating supper and breakfast, from this bait pile I found a young 4 point shed, that is my first picture. The other pictures show some of Kyle’s sheds, the one set he found are quite heavy and will score in that mid 140 range ( hopefully this fellow adds 10-15% more growth for this year)!! Also, I threw in a picture of 14 year old Kyle with a heavy bush buck, just one of several deer already taken by this young man. I still have some openings left for November hunts so if interested give me a shout at 1-780-872-0137.

 image image image image

Your eyes of the north,
Trent DeBusschere