April 21, 2016 – Can’t get an argo stuck

I took a couple days this week to spend at the lodge and do some follow up on a few areas we scouted this winter on ski-doo. The snow is gone but the game trails remain and hopefully a few of these potential spots reveal a big buck for the fall. It’s truly satisfying to catch a shooter on film, and only time will tell if these spots are usable. Arch came along with me and we covered lots of ground, two heads are always better than one!! After bragging about never getting the Argo stuck we were crossing a sharp beaver run and yep, we are stuck. So thankful for the winch and Arch there to wrap the cable around a tree, with a slight tug we are out. Maybe I am just stubborn but why is the hunting always better on the other side of the beaver dam?

I also spent some time modifying a utility trailer last week and it’s being put to the test lately and all seems to be working well.

Our camp is booked up for the 2016 season and bookings are going well for 2017. I will leave you with a few more pics of what’s happening around here.

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Trent DeBusschere