April 16, 2014 – Deer antler comparison

Today I have several deer heads my nephews and brothers have taken this years at Turtle Lake.  We all get together for 2-3 days each year and hunt deer in hopes of winning bragging rights for the year. Our time is limited but we do try and wait for a good one.  This year Todd shot a nice 5×5 that scored 154 7/8 and he holds the honor of the biggest buck in our group.  The older myself and brothers get the more patient we get and we are truly looking for that 165 plus deer!!  A good friend and experienced guide from another camp in northern Saskatchewan tells me their camp has a minimum of 140 inch score on the deer hunters harvest.  The exception being main frame 4×4’s as these deer are tough to score high and if they fall short of that 140 inch minimum that’s okay.  The picture I posted has four sets of antlers, the first is a young 5×5 that scores 120 inches, the next is a heavy 4×4 that scores 133 inches, after that comes a 4×5 scoring 141inches and finally Todd’s buck at 154 7/8. Now the young 5×5 had huge potential and should be passed on, the other deer are all shooters but keep in mind that deer can gain 10-15 % of antler growth from one year to the next and wouldn’t it be nice to give a 140 inch 5×5 a chance to reach its full potential.  My nephews only get a brief window to hunt so taking a deer for meat and some antlers is their requirements.imageThe guides and I will do our best at putting hunters in front of shooter deer but keep in mind, weather, predators, and just the fact that these are wild deer can make it tough hunting at times but when given the choice try to take a minimum 140 inch plus deer.  Let’s work on passing up the young deer with tons of potential and Chaparral’s area will benefit from this!! Lastly I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Easter Weekend .

Your eyes of the north,