April 15, 2015 – Chocolate Antlers

A bucks antlers come in all shape Us and sizes which makes each set unique, but another factor is the color. The colors can vary from region to region but at Chaparral dark horned deer are the normal. What causes the color of horns? And why do they vary? There are several different theories on this but the most popular response claims it is the trees or brush the deer rubs it’s velvet off during early fall. The amount of oxidized blood left over from the shedding of velvet creates a chemical reaction with the sap from the trees when the buck rubs on them this creates many color variations.
Our deer tend to have nice chocolate antlers with the bases being the darkest and the tips being lighter. Just another reason to love Chocolate!! I will add a few pictures of some dark antlered bucks from last year.

Trophy whitetail deer Northern Saskatcherwan Trophy whitetail deer Northern Saskatchewan trail cam pics of Northern Saskatchewan whitetail deer Trophy whitetail deer Northern Saskatchewan

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Trent DeBusschere