April 13, 2016 – Deer Mounts enroute

Spring is here and warm days are upon us. Like all years I want to get a few things done around the lodge to try and make it one of the best camps out there. Last year I bought an Argo to help conquer all terrain, also I worked on the exterior of the lodge and bunkhouse to bring them back into good repair. Jackie did her best to give the bunkhouse a face lift without making it to feminine ( oh the battles we had ).

This year I hope to transplant more wild spruce trees around the perimeter of the property, buy another quad, pick up another trailer ( already done ), look for a few more deer stand locations and set out some bear baits. I seen a real nice light coloured bear last fall that would make a nice rug for the bunkhouse.
One area that needs no changes is Chaparral’s staff and it appears everyone is on board for another season. I am grateful to have such great help at camp.

This week Kent Ringham sent me pictures of four deer that he finished up and are ready to be shipped off to the rightful owners. They look great and were taken by father and son hunters from last fall, the Parsons and the Browns. Great looking deer and lots of good memories made. I will leave you with pictures of these deer mounts.

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Your eyes of the North.
Trent DeBusschere.