April 1, 2015 – Visitors during breakfast

Well we had our first lightning storm Tuesday evening, the temperature was close to 60 degrees Fahrenheit!!!  March has been another great month but lightning in March is very early.

This week had me back at the lodge for a couple days, once again cutting paths down over grown cut-lines.  It was great to see heavily used deer trails in numerous spots and I walked along these trails finding areas that would be suitable to place a stand for next fall.  Excited for trail camera pics this summer as nobody hunts back here.

I had a few guests show up at the lodge this morning while I was having breakfast, 4 bucks wandered in to clean up any oats that had been missed from last fall.

deer at Chaparral hunting lodge Deer at Chaparral Hunting lodge Deer at Chaparral Hunting Lodge Lightning skies

Chaparral still has room for about 5 guys this fall and our mild winter and early spring should make this year a dream year for big bucks.

Your eyes of the north,
Trent DeBusschere