April 1, 2014 – What about whitetail?

Now being a part of Chaparral, I plan on posting several updates throughout the year.  First of all, I want to talk about our winter and how the deer managed. I have been out in the bush several times this winter surveying the herd.  The deer herd seemed to fair well in our hunting area.  Yes, the winter was cold but we did have periods of warm spells in January and an early coming of spring in March.  In discussions with a trapper in the area, he felt the deer survived better and stronger than the following winter and reported seeing no winter killed animals unlike the previous long winter.  I seen many pockets of deer taking shelter in the deep spruce, something our area is fortunate to offer.  The spruce provides shelter from deep snow and the deer forage on the lichen type growth that accompanies spruce areas. And a big thanks to our trapper for keeping the coyotes and wolves population thinned out.  Another factor in the herds well being, was last years hunting season we noticed a lot of fat on the shot deer.  This fat reserve really helps them through the winter months. It looks like our herd was prepared well for winter.  As the new area manager I plan on expanding our hunting area to its fullest potential.   Going into areas that haven’t been hunted for many years.  I will be looking with the aid of cameras for “shooter” bucks and placing tree stands accordingly.  My goal is to maintain many stands each year and not allow hunting at all of them to help our deer herd mature.  We have a great staff with an emphasis on going the extra mile to find those trophy deer.  I am going to be out and about as the snow melts looking for sheds and will keep you posted.

Your eyes of the North,

Trent Debusschere

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