January 17, 2017 – Help from Mother Nature

Our winter has been great for the deer herd with very little snow and our present forecast calling for 2 mild weeks. All of this should add up to another great fall of deer hunting. I was up at the lodge the past few days taking advantage of our mild temperatures to do some scouting around and ice fishing. I was able to catch some fish and checkout a small corner of our allocation for the potential of another promising stand. I had cameras up since mid December and got a few decent bucks, next fall I will hit this area hard with bait and see if we can make it work for the 2017 season. Like all new stands time will tell.
I had talked with John the other day and he is out on the trap-line catching a few wolves and coyotes. This really helps us out in our deer management process.
I will leave you with a few pics of Darrell and I with the afternoons catch of pike, and a few trail camera photos.

Jan17blog-1 jan17-2

2016 trail cam pics at new sites 2016 trail cam pics - at new site

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Trent DeBusschere.